Life after Gallbladder Removal

Is life after gallbladder removal much different? Gallbladder surgery is quite safe, and there is no need to be afraid. In some cases, this surgery is the only way to deal with gallbladder problems. Gallbladder controls the release of bile. Without this organ, digestive process will not be the same. Gallbladder has an important role in digestion, but you will be able to live without it. However, you will have to make some changes to your diet. You will be able to eat various foods, but some foods will have to be excluded form your diet.

Life after Gallbladder Surgery: Gallbladder Diet

Your doctor will tell you what to eat after the surgery. During the first couple of days, patients are advised to consume liquid foods. After that, you will be able to consume solid foods, but there will be some restrictions.

● Foods that contain fats should be avoided. This means you won’t be allowed to eat junk food, fatty meat, fatty dairy products, etc.

● Sugary foods, artificial sweeteners, carbonated beverages and alcohol must be avoided.

● You will have to avoid fatty sauces, mayonnaise and margarine.

● Foods that contain too much starch should not be consumed.

● You should not eat foods that contain additives.

● You will be allowed to consume low-fat dairy products, lean meat, vegetables and fruits.

● You can use olive oil for salads, meat and all kinds of dishes, but you should use small amounts.

● You will be advised to eat several smaller meals instead of three larger meals.

● We mentioned only some of the foods you will be allowed to eat. Your doctor will tell you more about other healthy foods.

Gallbladder Removal Side Effects

After this surgery, some people can experience certain side effects.

● Nausea
● Digestion problems
● Constipation
● Diarrhea
● Intolerance to some foods (especially the fatty ones)
● Gas
● Cramps
● Bloating
● Heartburn
● Abdominal discomfort
● Pain

As you can see, the side effects are very similar to gallbladder symptoms. However, most of these problems will disappear once the body gets used to the new situation. This is individual, but in most cases, these problems do not last long. If these side effects become worse, you must call your doctor. Sometimes, these symptoms can indicate serious problems and you should not ignore them.

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