How to Stop a Gallstone Attack

In this video, a man shares his experience regarding gallbladder attack. You will hear about some of the most common symptoms of gallbladder disease and gallstones. Pay attention to what the man says about the pain. The pain usually starts after having a fatty meal, or even after lifting some heavy object. Late evening meals can also trigger gallbladder attacks. You will also learn more about gallbladder flush. It is still debatable how effective this method really is, but it seems to work for people with this problem. Gallstones are responsible for most gallbladder problems, but you can have gallbladder disease with no gallstones. However, such cases are not very common. Gallstones can also develop even after the gallbladder is removed. They actually form in the liver, so even if you have your gallbladder removed, you can still have symptoms of gallstones, because the possibility of gallstone formation still exists. If you have a family history of gallbladder disease, learn more about gallbladder symptoms and gallbladder disease prevention.

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