Gallbladder Function

Gallbladder function will be explained in the following article. This organ is a very important part of your digestive system. It is located near the liver, on the right side of your abdominal area, beneath your ribs. It resembles a sack that stores the bile produced by your liver. This organ is composed of three parts: body, neck and fundus. Gallbladder is small, but it plays an important role when it comes to digestion.

What Is the Function of This Organ?

Gallbladder concentrates the bile produced by the liver. When you eat some foods, your gallbladder will release a certain amount of bile. Bile is necessary for digestion of foods, especially fats.

There are several types of gallbladder disorders. Most of these problems are caused by gallstones.

The most common symptoms of gallbladder disease include:

● Nausea
● Vomiting
● Abdominal discomfort
● Diarrhea
● Belching
● Bloating
● Abdominal pain

The pain can last for hours and it can easily spread to your back or your right shoulder.

The problem with gallbladder symptoms is that they are quite non-specific. That is why gallbladder disorders often go undiagnosed in the beginning. It is important to visit your doctor in time. Even if you only have mild symptoms, you should go to your doctor and see if there is anything wrong with your digestive system. If diagnosed early, most gallbladder disorders can be treated with medications and remedies. However, in severe cases, gallbladder surgery can be the only option.

Life without gallbladder is possible, and people who do not have this organ can live normally. However, after the gallbladder surgery, patients are advised to make some moderations to their eating habits. For example, some foods will have to be avoided, and the meal size will have to be reduced. It is much better to eat several smaller meals instead of two or three large meals. Eating smaller amounts of food will help your digestive system work without any pressure.

The quality of your meal is another important thing. If you have gallbladder problems, your doctor will tell you what foods to avoid. Some foods are considered healthy in general, but gallbladder patients should avoid them. Cabbage and broccoli are some of the examples.

You will be allowed to eat different kinds of foods, but you will have to avoid fatty foods, junk foods, fried foods, sauces, margarine, butter, eggs, sugary foods and foods that contain hydrogenated oils.

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