Gallbladder Diet Restrictions

If you have problems with your gallbladder, your doctor has probably told you about the gallbladder diet restrictions. You already know that your diet is incredibly important for your health. People who have any digestive problems, including gallbladder disorders, have to follow certain rules, when it comes to dieting. Gallbladder diet is not too restrictive, but certain foods simply have to be avoided. People who have gallbladder problems must know what to eat, but they must also know what foods to avoid.

After having a gallbladder surgery, the patient will have to make certain moderations to his/her diet. Oils will have to be reduced or excluded. In fact, only healthy oils will be allowed. When we say “healthy oils”, we mean “unprocessed oils”, but even these oils will have to be consumed in smaller amounts. Fast food lovers will have to forget about such food items.

You will be allowed to eat vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, carrots and garlic. Fresh fruits will be good for you, so you will be advised to eat apples, apricots, berries, grapes and lemons. If you like dairy products, you will be able to consume these, but only the low-fat ones. Meat is allowed, but only if it’s lean.

Gallbladder Diet Restrictions

Here are several foods you will have to avoid:

● Margarine
● Pork
● Other types of fatty meat
● Egg yolk
● Corn
● Fatty milk
● Hydrogenated oil
● Chocolate
● Artificial sweeteners
● Carbonated beverages
● Fried foods
● Cabbage
● Oats
● Coffee
● Red meat
● Mayonnaise
● Ice creams
● Canned foods
● Alcohol

You will have to avoid these food items. That means you will have to exclude them from your diet. These foods contain plenty of fat, and certain artificial substances that can be very bad for you. Even those who have no gallbladder problems should avoid these foods!

For those who love bread and baked products, there are some alternatives: just opt for food items that don’t contain margarine and eggs. The best option is whole-grain bread.

You must eat small meals instead of large ones. It is much better to have several small meals.

Drink plenty of water.

Sweets that contain artificial sweeteners and fats should be avoided, but you can eat marmalades, graham crackers and non-fat cakes. Do not eat chocolate, because it is high in fats and hydrogenated oils.

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