Gallbladder Cleanse

If you are looking for some info on gallbladder cleanse, keep reading. Before we explain what gallbladder cleanse is, let us first learn more about the gallbladder. This organ takes part in digestion processes. It is located on the right side of the upper abdomen, beneath the liver. The main function of gallbladder is to store bile, and to release it whenever you eat some foods. Bile will help the food digestion and break down the fats you eat. If the bile flow is obstructed, food won’t be properly digested, and this will result in symptoms like:

● Belching
● Bloating
● Abdominal pain
● Abdominal discomfort
● Heartburn
● Nausea
● Diarrhea
● Vomiting

Most gallbladder disorders are caused by gallstones, but there can be other causes, too. The bad thing is that the symptoms usually occur very late, or they are non-specific, so people often leave these problems untreated. This can lead to other complications, some of which are very difficult to treat.

Depending on the severity, some gallbladder problems can be treated with natural remedies and medications. Even if the problem is severe, efforts should be made in order to keep your gallbladder! Severe cases usually require gallbladder surgery, but you should do everything you can to treat this condition, before considering gallbladder removal.

What Is Gallbladder Cleanse

● Gallbladder cleanse is a natural method used in treating gallbladder disorders. This method lasts three weeks. It is usually done 3 times a year, but this will depend on your condition.

● This method includes a special diet.

Foods to avoid:

● During the therapy, you won’t be allowed to eat fatty foods, like meat, fatty dairy, butter, fatty sauces and foods that contain hydrogenated fats.

Foods to consume:

● You will be allowed to eat vegetables, fruits and non-processed grains. However, not all vegetables will be good for your gallbladder. You will have to avoid broccoli and cabbage.

● Radishes should be included in your diet because they will help you deal with gallstones and remove them from your body in the natural way.

● Chamomile tea is another good remedy.

Gallbladder cleanse should not be mistaken for gallbladder flush. The latter is also a natural way to relieve the gallbladder symptoms, but it is different from gallbladder cleanse.

Before you start using any of these methods, you must talk to your doctor. Never take any remedies on your own!

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