Gallbladder Attack

Gallbladder attacks can be extremely unpleasant and painful. The attacks usually happen at night, or after a large (or fatty) meal. People who have gallbladder problems should pay more attention to what they eat. Proper diet can prevent various complications, and it can also help you relieve the unpleasant symptoms of gallbladder disease.

People who suffer from gallstones or gallbladder inflammation are at risk of having gallbladder attacks. The problem is that gallbladder symptoms can be quite non-specific, so you can be completely unaware that you have gallstones or any other gallbladder-related problem. It is important to know the symptoms of gallbladder disease, so you can visit your doctor in time.

Gallbladder Attack Symptoms

Gallbladder attack is always a painful experience. In some people, the pain can become unbearable. In severe cases, gallbladder surgery may be the only option. Gallbladder attacks usually start with pain that first occurs on the right side of one’s abdomen and then it can spread on the right shoulder or back.

Other symptoms include:

● Nausea
● Gas
● Vomiting
● Biliary colic (severe pain in the abdomen)
● Queasiness
● Belching
● Burping
● Abdominal pain gets worse when you inhale, and can last from several minutes to several hours
● Gallbladder attacks usually start after eating too much food

If you have gallstones, or any other problem with your gallbladder, your doctor has probably told you that you have to watch your diet. People who have such problems are strongly advised to avoid foods like:

● Fatty foods
● Cabbage
● Broccoli
● Fried foods
● Fast food
● Fatty sauces
● Fatty dairy
● Mayonnaise
● Butter
● Margarine
● Fatty meat
● Sugary foods
● Hydrogenated oils
● Artificial sweeteners
● Caffeine
● Alcohol
● Cigarettes

You can consume:

● Fresh fruits
● Vegetables (with some exceptions)
● Olive oil (in small amounts)
● Lean mat
● Non-fat dairy products
● Fresh juices
● Whole-grain bread
● Natural marmalade (without too much sugar or additives)

Gallbladder diet is actually very healthy and you will be allowed to eat most of your favorite foods. However, you will have to keep your meals small. If you eat large meals, you will put some pressure on your digestive system, and this will increase the risk of gallbladder attacks.

Some home remedies are very effective in preventing gallbladder problems. However, before you decide to use any of these remedies, consult your doctor.

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  1. i have gallbladder multipal stone of size 6 to 5 mm so i drink the oliv oil? how manny days? pl.send me reply thanks to you sir.

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